2015 - Lieutenant's Exam

" Thank you So Others May Pass,your breakdowns got me through the final months,the cross references and possible test questions,really helped bring everything together, look forward to seeing more breakdowns on the next round of exams".

"Couldn't and wouldn't have passed with out it"

"The breakdowns were a very useful tool for studying. They made studying some of the more difficult topics to read (ERP, Haz Mat, etc...) easier. Definitely recommend it".

 "The breakdowns and slides were awesome it really helped me in studying the questions you predicted to be on the exam were on point it really helped me I would definitely use you guys again for studying for captain and would also recommend you guys to anyone studying for an exam. I just hope you breakdown all the books next time".

"Good study material good compliment to firetech and lt questions"

"The breakdowns were great, quick points, great reference material along with your own notes and high lights can really make a big impact on things you might of possibly looked over on your own. Knowing what to really pay attention too. Thank you for all your help and the site was great, got right back to you with any questions or problems".

"Will definitely use again in future"

"Keep the information coming. The breakdowns were great".

"Very good way to review books and concentrate on the important topics and bypass all the fluff"

"I was never a good studier, and an even worse highlighter. Having read the books, it is very overwhelming. Trying to figure out the testing points was brutal to me. Being able to read your highlights in the last few months and then the total breakdown slides in the last week helped tremendously. My score isn't on the top of the list but I doubt I would have even passed if it wasn't for your site".

"I only downloaded a few breakdowns because I mostyl studied from the books and didn't want to change what was working for me. But a few guys in our study group had a lot of your material and we used it to reinforce what we were going over and it was great. Keep up the good work! Will be sure to use you guys again when I study for captain!"

"The breakdowns were an excellent resource in my study routine. Although I still used the books, the breakdowns on soothersmaypass help me understand some of those gray areas in our books that tend to confuse you from time to time. I also thought the countdown clock that led up till test day was a great idea, and I used it to keep me focused on exactly how many months, days, hours, minutes, & seconds we had before the exam and it kept me from wasting valuable study time, that I may have otherwise gave away a couple of those days thinking there's more time left then there really is, so please keep that feature!"

"I personally feel that soothersmaypass got me those extra points I needed to insure me a comfortable list #"

"I found the guides very useful for me as I narrowed down my studying towards test time. I'm not a great highlighter/note taker and the guides helped me to focus on the important material of the test areas when I was reviewing. Overall I thought these were great guides and I highly recommend them."

"I did see a lot of guys in my firehouse using your material. Didn't hear any negative feed back, overall I guess it's great for guys who don't have time to break down the books, not good at breaking things down or like to cram before the test. I'm sure I'll see you guys around for capts test. Again overall heard great things about you guys!! "

"Great information contained in the breakdowns. When used in conjunction with the books it can provide an added benefit to the study process".

"This website helped me to score an 89 on the test. I definitely recommend using these breakdowns. It gets rid of all of the nonsense."

"The breaksdowns were very good with the cross references and how you guys broke it down to areas that were on previous tests. And also most likely test questions and the highlight and colors . As far as improvement, I think you guys were on point. This website definitely helped me separate myself and score in the high 90's very convenient and I could've studied anywhere without carrying books around".