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Post Exam News - 6/21/2015

Congrats to those who passed the exam.

Fire Tech & Lt Questions.com both have Mock Answer Keys Up. Also Fire Tech has started to collect the Mock List on their website (Enter your final score. Then add up your seniority and any awards points you may have).

We would like to thank all participating members who had success with our breakdowns.

Be on the lookout in a few days for a link to our feedback email form. Your testimonial, comments and creative feedback will not only help us out in preparing the site for the next Lieutenant's exam in the future years to come, but hopefully and perhaps for your future Captain's Test.

We recommend all members to sign up for the protest section. The info is found on your Candidate's Record of Answers & from the link below.


2015 Lieutenants Test Most Likely TQ’s

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