Below you will find some frequently asked questions about our study guide breakdowns:

Q: How do I purchase the breakdowns?
A: View our breakdowns here and click the ADD TO CART button for each breakdown you would like to purchase. Click CHECKOUT when completed. When more breakdowns become available, login to your account and then purchase for them to appear in MY BREAKDOWNS.

Q: Are these breakdowns updated?
A: As updates come out, we update our breakdowns. If you go to our breakdowns page you will see a modified date next to the breakdown. We will send an email out to our mailing list of  students who have purchased any of our breakdowns with the new updates. Sign Up For our Mailing List Here

Q: How do I print your breakdowns?
A: Currently the printing function is blocked when you view your purchased downloads. We are trying to avoid piracy and duplication of the hard work our staff has worked so hard on.

Q: How do I open my downloads?
A: Two ways. You can follow the instructions in the email sent to you after purchase and enter the email address used to purchase your breakdown when prompted for a password. The other way is to login to the site using the username and password sent to you in a separate email and click on my downloads in menu located here.

Q: How do I download my breakdown?
A: Based on your device, breakdowns may not download. On a laptop/desktop the breakdown is guaranteed to download. Always use your full email address to open. We don't recommend downloading and studying off of the download. The reason being is we update the breakdowns as new updates come out and you may be studying off of the an old update.

Q: When I open the breakdowns they are coming up blank, am I doing something wrong?
A: Download the latest version of adobe reader here

Q: I cannot login and I am having technical problems, who can I contact?
A: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: What happened to my past orders and purchases from years past?
A: After the series of Lieutenant, Captain and Battalion Chief tests were given, the breakdown purchases and user accounts were removed. This prevents students from reading "old and outdated" material. The team here puts in countless hours to update the breakdown updates from our books, adding recent promotional questions featured on past tests and etc.